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The Haight Ashbury Free Clinics - The 1999 HAFC Logo
Free Clinic Founder, 1967

Articles & Stories about Dr. Dave

Dr David Smith
Forty Years Later, 2008

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Dr. David Smith & Dr George 'Skip' Gay with photo of Bill Graham

Dr. George 'Skip' Gay
Founder of Rock Medicine
Memorial Photos
January 9, 1931 - February 13, 2008 
Memorial Webpage (
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Problems of Amphetamine Abuse

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by Ariel Zeitlin Cooke
about Dr Dave and HAFMC 
form the April 2000 issue of DIVERSION

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Jerry & Bob        Dr Dave 1967     

The Hippie Temptation
Reported by Harry Reasoner

Articles by Dr. David E. Smith that have
been featured in newsletters of the
California Society of Addiction Medicine

OxyContin and the Olympics:
An Addiction Medicine Perspective

A Tribute to Dr.Tom UngerLeider
Addiction as a Brain Disease:
What a Long Strange Trip It Has Been

Death and Drugs in Oaklahoma:
An Addiction Medicine Perspective

Addiction Medicine In China

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Drugs-- Uses and abuses
A Young Doctor's Crusade

David Smith saw human beings crippling
themselves with drugs
"Where do I go from here?"  
Asked Dr Smith in 1967

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Journal of Psychedelic Drugs (1967)

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (Now)
(ISSN 0279-1072) is an authoritative quarterly
 periodical containing timely information of a
 multidisciplinary nature surrounding the use 
and abuse of psychoactive drugs

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''Dr. Dave''  by Clark S. Sturges
A Profile of David E. Smith, M.D., 

Founder of the 
Haight Ashbury Free Clinics
the Book

We Built This Clinic
on Rock n' Roll

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The Summer of Love
by Gene Anthony


Medical Mission
in the Haight Ashbury
June 1967


Dr David Smith speaking at Community Forum on Buprenorphine,
San Francisco - May 12,2003
Buprenorphine Power Point Slide Shows

Aging Hoopsters and Old Deadheads


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